Technical infrastructure

The database system is at the core of the activity of Un Flux De Plus. Its design optimizes the availability, performance, reliability and security.

Web hosting

Our services web hosting is provided by a grid architecture distributed among private sector leaders (Orange, Free, OVH). They are high bandwidth and low latency (<5ms) linked. 

Depending on requirements, the number of servers allocated to a service can be adjusted without interrupting service in order to maximize performance and reliability by optimizing client TCO. 
All communication (except if required by customer) is subject to strong encryption provided by both technologies chosen for their reliability and hardware encryption, therefore without impact on the software performance. 

Reactivity of our equipment & teams allows us to ensure security updates within the hour following their release. 

Surveillance and monitoring 

Monitoring of the full server is automated and is redundant any downtime of the system. 

Monitoring is done from both inside the application domain for different states of the application layers and from the outside (as a user) to ensure the availability of web services. 

Monitoring allows monitoring overall performances of the machines and anticipating peak loads and related issues. 

OpenSource Technologies

Based on its previous experiences, Un Flux De Plus only offers solutions based on full Open Source technologies, to guarantee stability, performance, standards compliance and sustainability as long-term solutions. 

The entire management applications are performed under a N-tier model, for which each element is adapted to customer specifications 

Availability and security 

Un Flux De Plus offers availability, responds to the challenge of load escalation and security of your data. 

Decoupling and systematic duplication of each element of the system can ensure availability of 99.9% of the system (i.e. 8h downtime per year). 

The load-balancing on the infrastructure ensures strong traffic spikes (one of managers main problem). 

Supervision and constant monitoring allow anticipating problems and solving them often before the user ever notices it. 

Access via a totally secure connection (https for web application, TLS/SSL for technical access) secures flows of personal data